• The school provides an effective leadership which is well supported by the senior leaders and governors


  • The school is safe, happy and vibrant


  • The pupils were articulate and confident and knew that their strengths and interests are valued.


Were you one of the first students or members of staff to study or work at the school when it opened its doors in Upminster in 1971?

A very warm welcome to our website. It is a great privilege for me to be Headteacher of a school with a rich history tracing back to 1536. There is a unique vibrancy here and a genuine allegiance to our motto of ‘Love as Brethren’.

13th May 2021

Letter from the Headteacher regarding face coverings.

Coopers Coborn Community Celebration Document

We are so proud to announce the launch of our inaugural ‘CCCS Community Celebration Document’. This publication recognises our wonderful students and details the events, and changes, we are putting in place to ensure all communities in our school are celebrated together. “We are doing; we are not done”.

News & Social

Find out what’s happening around the school

House Points

Students develop a sense of pride in their House, working not just for themselves, but for others.









The school recently celebrated its 475th anniversary. As you can see we are no ordinary school and have a rich history, which our students will learn all about.

New Year 7 September 2020

Hello future Coopers’ Coborn students. I am delighted to be able to welcome you to our school community and the Coopers’ Coborn family.

My name Is Mr Dudley-Hart and I am Assistant Headteacher in charge of Key Stage 3, so it is my job to oversee the wellbeing of all students in their first three years here. Unfortunately, I am not sure when I will be able to meet you all due to the restrictions in place to fight the coronavirus. As you know the current restrictions on schools opening and social distancing have caused a lot of changes to our daily lives and will affect how you get to know your new school, teachers and classmates in the coming months. Normally we would welcome you to visit the school and get to know the people and places which will play an important part in your lives for the next 7 years. As this will not be possible before the Summer holidays, I will use this part of the webpage to present some online material to help you get to know our school and help us to get to know you too. Hopefully the links and resources below will give you a flavour of what life is like at Coopers’ Coborn and help you to understand what we mean by Love as Brethren. I will add to this page regularly so please check back for updates.

Transition Booklet and Transition Tasks

The transition booklet has been written to convey some key information about the school, introduce you to key staff and policies. It also includes 6 transition tasks which we expect all students to complete in time for the start of school in September. We send all new students a paper copy of the booklet, but a .pdf copy will be available shortly at the bottom of this page.

YouTube Channel

We have just launched a new a YouTube channel called “Coopers’ Coborn School Transition Channel”

This contains videos and playlists to help familiarise students with the school, answer any questions they may have about starting school in September. Videos include, virtual tours of the school, introductions to subject departments and key school staff. We will be adding new content throughout the summer term so please check back regularly and ask your parents to subscribe to the channel. YouTube does not allow children under 13 to sign up but you can view the videos without signing in by clicking the link below or searching for Coopers Coborn School Transition Channel,


About me booklet

The about me booklet is for you to complete to help you new form tutor get to know you. You should give this to your tutor on the first day of term in September. We will send you a copy in the post but you will be able to download a .pdf copy from the bottom of this page shortly.

Be Awesome Go Big

Matthew Syed (author of You Are Awesome) and Matthew Burton (author of Go Big: The secondary school survival guide) have teamed up with publisher Hachette to produce a series of resources to support students getting ready to join secondary school. There is a series of PowerPoints, videos and a workbook for students and support resources for parents on the Hachette website (see links below) We will mail out a paper copy of the workbook but an editable word version is also available online. Completing these resources may be beneficial but is optional and you will not be required to submit this work. We also really like the books by Matthew Burton and Matthew Syed which are both aimed at children.

Resources For students


Resources for parents (this is the right link even though it says teachers in the URL)


Social Media!!

As well as our YouTube channel, lots of departments also have their own Facebook and Instagram pages. Our social media pages are a great way to see what is going on at the school. Make sure your parents follow our main school facebook page. You are not old enough to have your own account but you can view these pages through your parents’ account or by clicking on the links below. This doesn’t require you to sign up or sign in.

Main School Facebook Page:


Department social media pages:









The Coopers Show – Produced by Students starring teachers and students



https://www.facebook.com/CCCSART/ OR @CCCSART

Instagram pages: