The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Learning & Teaching

What is the ethos of the school?

Learning is life: every minute of every day we are learning new things. At Coopers' Coborn we recognise that learning goes way beyond the classroom. As a consequence, our aim is to inspire our students in many different ways to unlock the true potential of their minds; to find out what their real passions are and to nurture within them a love of learning which never leaves them. To do this, we aim to create learning experiences for our students which are innovative, exciting and challenging and ensure that all students are engaged in an inspirational education that goes beyond the confines of school, and which instils in them the belief that they can accomplish extraordinary things. We place a strong emphasis upon developing students’ moral sensibilities as well; their ability to relate to people in a productive and positive way; to think through difficult situations and so on. Being a moral person involves being a social person.

Whilst we relentlessly pursue high academic achievement we are not an ‘exams factory’. As a school we passionately value creativity and sporting excellence alongside academic success. We have created an ethos in which our students are equipped with the tools to question the world around them, are able to tackle difficult challenges in a positive and diligent way. Above all, we aim to nurture students who can operate independently in the world: who can develop their own ideas, who have initiative and drive, and who have a "can-do" mindset. We want our students to be well rounded and high achieving.

Our learning and teaching approach is an ‘evidence based’ one – we expose students to learning and teaching strategies that are proven to work. Above all, we praise students for their effort and cherish students who keep trying even though they may have failed on the first attempt. We passionately believe that intelligence is not fixed and that if students keep trying, they will achieve.

For us, learning is the most exciting journey there is. At our school, we induct students into the bodies of knowledge that form the core academic subjects; we aim to show students that each academic discipline has its own specific approach; we are committed to teaching all students the relevant content in every subject. We impart this content in exciting and engaging ways, making students see that much knowledge has exciting applications and that much of it is relevant to them, their lives and their world.