The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

House System

The Coopers Coborn House system promotes the integration of students across different forms and year groups.

Upon joining the school, students are allocated to one of our four houses; Coborn, Gibson, Guild or Ratcliffe. A badge, in the colour of the house, is sewn to each student's blazer to identify their allegiance. Membership of the House enhances the student’s sense of identity and belonging and creates a spirit of friendly competition, collaboration and cooperation. This friendly rivalry is given opportunity to manifest itself in a wide-range of inter-house events.

Only a few may represent the school in a team, but every single student represents their House, whether it be in academic, sporting or cultural activities. Students can earn House Points for a range of contributions to school life. At the end of the year, the House with the most points is awarded the House Barrel which is collected at the annual school Prizegiving.

Students are encouraged to develop a sense of pride in their House, working not just for themselves, but for others. Charity fund-raising activities are also organised on a House as well as a school basis, further fostering the school's motto of ‘Love as Brethren’.

The House system also provides an ideal platform for students to develop their leadership skills. House Captains are selected in every year to oragnise teams for the various house events. The Year 12 Captains lead, indeed inspire, the House for the entire school. They have various responsibilities throughout the year including delivering House assemblies, writing the termly House newsletter and collaborating to organise House events.

The Houses


Coborn is named after Prisca Coborn, a wealthy widow who gave much of her fortune to help the poor and needy people of Bow and Stepney. There are two roads named after her in the district: Coborn Road and Coborn Street. In 1701 the Prisca Coborn School for Girls was established in Bow as a result of her will using her life savings.


Gibson is named after Nicholas Gibson, a prominent citizen of the City of London who earned his living as a grocer. He founded the Nicholas Gibson Free School in 1536 which was later renamed the Coopers’ Company Boys School following his death in 1549 when his wife and the Coopers’ Company took over the running of the school.


A guild is an association of craftsmen in a particular trade. The Coopers’ Company is an ancient guild known as a Livery Company. The trade of a Cooper is barrel making and you will see this reference around the school (there are three barrel rings on the school badge). The guild of ’The Worshipful Company of Coopers’ is ranked 36th in order of precedence of Livery Companies of the City of London.


Our newest house, Ratcliffe, is a former hamlet (small village) in Stepney where the old boys school was located. It is situated on the north bank of the River Thames between Shadwell and Limehouse. Ratcliffe had a strong association with the Royal Navy and was a site of shipbuilding for many years.


As a school we believe in the power of positive reinforcement. Rewarding effort encourages persistence, an ‘approach behaviour’ towards challenges and raises overall performance levels. Furthermore, healthy personal competition, setting ambitious targets and applying oneself for the sake of a team creates a climate of high achievement.

House points are awarded to students who are deemed to have met one of the ‘Love as Brethren’ values. These are:

  • Leadership, Olympism, Volunteering, Effort.
  • Academic achievement, Sustainability.
  • Bravery, Resilience, Extra-curricular involvement, Teamwork, Honesty & helpfulness, Respect, Equality, Nurturing.

Furthermore, points can be awarded for participation, and performance, in House competitions as well as excellent attendance each half term.

The points are added electronically by staff, throughout the day on Go4Schools,, and certificates are awarded when students reach certain milestones.

Previous years’ results






2015-2016 3rd
17039 points
15726 points
17338 points
17847 points
2014-2015 4th
20555 points
20347 points
20575 points
22232 points


28792 points

29146 points

28294 points

28369 points


9491 points

8865 points

9084 points

9093 points

2011-2012   4th 
9383 points
10080 points
9681 points
11019 points

House Captains






2015-2016 Ayo Emiola
Olivia Martin
Zak Killoran
Lauren Mitchell
Henry Beckett
Charlotte Marshall
Dominic Babham-Neil
Betsy Edwards


Tom Badley
Rebecca Kennedy

Jack Ayling
Libby Cannons
Alex Meads
Isobel Ives

Mitchell Gilbert
Fleur Sumption


Harry Rushworth
Charlotte Phizaklea-Foley

Will Couchman
Chloe Menear

Ryan Lee
Shannon Mansell

Rohan Mayor
Emily Holmes


Nick Duffey
Bethany Chambers

Ethan Pang
Sophie Fisher

Jonathon Murphy
Kirsty Evans

Thomas Scott
Georgia Porter

2011-2012 Josh Stannard
Hollie Haddon
Tom Taylor-Hall
Lucy Dowdall
Martin Hamilton-Flack
Annie Milroy
Connor Baldwin
Leanne Tigg