The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Year 12

As Head of Year it gives me real pleasure in outlining the key experiences and events that students go through during this important academic year. Important documents and links are contained in the menu bar to the right. Do not hesitate to contact me at the school if you have any questions about Year 12.

Year 12, often known as the ‘Lower Sixth’ marks the start of what is known as ‘Key Stage 5’. Students enter the School Sixth Form having gained excellent GCSE results and are placed in new form groups with a mix of existing students and those new to the school.

A major difference with previous years is that students will, typically, now only study three academic subjects, which are known as A Level qualifications. Students are examined on these qualifications in May/June of Year 13. Moving from GCSEs to A Levels can represent a real challenge for students, both in terms of the hours they are expected to put into their studies, but also in terms of a different approach. In Year 12 students will be expected to be more self-motivated and independent learners as they make the transition into the adult world.

In addition to academic study, students will take part in a wide-ranging enrichment programme, benefiting from activities as diverse as fishing and photography. Our enrichment programme is designed to develop students beyond their academic experiences and runs in a similar way to a university ‘Freshers’ Fayre’ or university ‘Soc’ programme. All students are integrated into the Sixth Form through a specialised ‘Adventure Integration Day’ in the first week of term.

During Year 12 we also launch our ‘Beyond 18’ programme, which is widely recognised as one of the best in the country. Whether students are looking for the world of work or a university place, we offer highly individualised support from a team of dedicated specialists.

Mr J Teece

Head of Year 12