The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

The Pastoral System

Pastoral care is organised on a year basis by Heads of Year, with Assistant Headteachers or a Deputy Head overseeing each Key Stage. Form Tutors are each individually responsible for around 25 students in total and have an important role. Form Tutors should be the first point of enquiry for any issue that arises in the school.

Mr Bell, Deputy Head is in overall charge of the Sixth Form.

Mr Duncan, Assistant Head is in overall charge of Years 10 and 11.

Mr Dudley-Hart, Assistant Head is in overall charge of Years 7,8 and 9. 

In essence, it is, however, the Form Tutor who sees the student 10 times a week:

The Form Tutor completes the following role:
  • Ensures that the attendance register is marked on time and accurately
  • Is fully aware of Child Protection Policies and immediately refers any issues to the Child Protection Officer
  • Delivers a key tutor time programme to support PSHE
  • Checks student uniform
  • Coaches tutees, meeting with each tutee on a regular basis, (at least once per term), engaging in a meaningful 1-2-1 dialogue. There are numerous times for this to take place.
  • Following data capture, reviews tutee performance and works with the Head of Year to identify and intervene with underperforming students
  • Works with the Head of Year in identifying those vulnerable
  • Positively promotes the school ethos of ‘Love as Brethren’ in order to limit negative behaviours, by encouraging the participation of students in the extra-curricular life of the school
  • Ensures that tutees are aware of crucial school policies, particularly Fire Evacuation Procedures
  • Ensures that the Rewards policy relating to House Points is followed
  • Ensure that notices and letters are collected from the designated area on a daily basis
  • Maintains a form notice area in the form room
  • Oversees the appointment of Charity and Form Reps and to ensure that they fulfil their duties
  • Ensures that the form group attend assembly (KS3 Tues and Fri, KS4 Thurs and Fri, KS5 Tues and Wed) on time in correct uniform, with the tutor
  • Engages in the PSHE programme organised by the Head of Year, actively participating and supporting students on each PSHE day
  • Recognises the importance of the Coopers’ Key Stage Planner, reviewing each student planner once a week and signing every planner, reporting any issues to the Head of Year
  • Supports a culture of learning by working with tutees in ensuring that they are completing quality classwork / homework on a regular basis
  • Completes documentation such as reports and references on tutees and to responds to e-mails in a time-efficient manner
The Heads of Year are as follows:
  • Mr J Woodward: Head of Year 7
  • Mr L Bonnett : Head of Year 8
  • Miss H Gibson : Head of Year 9 (Acting)
  • Mr L Marshall: Head of Year 10
  • Mr J Ellis: Head of Year 11
  • Mrs J Teece: Head of Year 12 (Acting)
  • Mrs J Marshall: Head of Year 13

The naming of the Forms in the School reflects the House organisation. In each Form students are split into one of four Houses: Coborn, Guild, Gibson and Ratcliffe. Sixth Form students remain in their Houses but are organised into different Forms. Thus there are vertical links as well as the horizontal year groupings made for pastoral purposes.

The House system incorporates School activities from all of the subject areas, e.g. Sport, Music, Drama, public speaking and academic achievements.

School Captains are elected at the end of Year 12 and hold office throughout their final year. These are prestigious positions within the School. Each Form throughout the School has two elected representatives. The Sixth Form has its own Captains. There is a whole School Congress which meets on a regular basis to discuss issues relevant to both the students and the School. School Congress representatives play a key role in the decision-making processes – including the appointment of senior staff.