The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Student Views

The School’s ultimate purpose is to provide a first class education within a supportive and caring environment. The aim is to help each student reach their personal goals. The School’s repeated high standing amongst the country’s best sixth forms is an indication that its successes have not only been substantial but sustained over time. Each year the School looks forward to welcoming new students committed to realising their aspirations within a unique but demanding Sixth Form. The final word is given to students who have chosen to take up this opportunity and challenge...

Having been at Coopers for a grand total of 7 years, and knowing our time here is drawing to its end, it feels right to give the School the recognition it deserves by giving you a truthful insight into the way the school runs.

At Coopers’ Sixth Form there are many different types of learning styles; from the interactive to university style lectures with the teachers finding the environment that suits you. With plenty of study rooms, hundreds of computers to access, interactive white boards in each classroom and space to unwind you can expect good results, if you optimise these facilities.

Teachers here at Coopers work on the assumption that you want to learn and this should be a consideration when you apply, but don’t worry Coopers’ is not an exam factory. With a good inter-year relationship, there is an enjoyable atmosphere and good banter penetrating your studies, making the Sixth Form Centre a positive environment.

One of Coopers’ strengths is its ability to discover your talents and arm you with the confidence to succeed in your specified field, whether that be academic, sporting or the creative arts. There is a firm belief instilled into us all, that everyone has a talent and deserves to be encouraged and taught in such a way that they achieve to the best of their abilities.

Your future is in good hands! Whether you intend to continue your studies to university or enter the world of work, the School will be with you every step of the way to support. The dreaded UCAS application period is made a lot less stressful by the help of Form Tutors and senior members of staff. If university is not for you do not worry: with excellent and motivating careers advisors you will leave with a CV that is to the best of your ability and confidence for interview, knowing winning techniques to earn you the best position in the right job.

The Captains.