The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Student Voice

Staff at The Coopers' Company and Coborn School are committed to providing the best teaching and learning experience for all our students. Student Voice was set up to enable our young people to influence decisions affecting their environment, the way they learn and skills they need to make the most out of their time with us.

Aims of Student Voice:

  • To improve classroom practice
  • To involve students in the teaching and learning process: this fosters better relationships with students as, when they feel more involved, they are more likely to engage with and support the decisions made.
  • To improve performance: understanding what students think and feel about what happens in the classroom can have a direct impact on their performance in examinations. When students have a say and can guide the learning process, a better learning experience can be created for all. Thus, they are more engaged and learn more in lessons which have been tailored to their specific needs and preferences.
  • To aid the development of curriculum: students’ opinions on the curriculum in lower school may vary from the impressions of teaching staff.  Some departments have already used Student Voice to shape the direction of their lower school curriculum.

As a result of the above the following activities take place:

  • Departments are able to request student feedback on any aspect of teaching and learning.
  • Whole school feedback requests, for example, duties and how students feel at break/lunch time around school. Students are chosen at random and asked to provide feedback on specific subjects or topics (focus groups).
  • Online surveys are also completed. We have been able to improve number of responses through this medium e.g. homework survey.

Key Successes:

Students present to the whole staff body on successful aspects of teaching following a number of focus groups. Students are consulted on how homework is set and perceived across the educational levels and how it could be improved.

What’s next:

We plan to have more regular meetings and surveys to gain feedback to maintain and influence continuous improvement.

Coopers Congress

This is run by the School Captains who work with form representatives discussing issues from around the school. The chair of Congress then feeds back to SLT and also attends occasional governors meetings. Students have meetings each half term.