The Coopers' Company and Coborn School


Welcome to the Politics Department at the Coopers’ Company and Coborn School. Our aim is to provide students with a detailed understanding of the political world in which they live, addressing many of today’s contemporary political issues, relating to UK, European and Global politics.

Politics exists because people disagree, and we therefore encourage our students to discuss and debate, to formulate convincing and supported arguments as well as being able to appreciate and consider a wide variety of views. Students are encouraged to engage with the political world around them, be up-to-date with current affairs and to take an interest in the wider global picture by extended reading and research. Politics is taught in Year 7 as an enrichment course encouraging our younger students to engage with ‘big’ questions, and then at A level as an examination course at both AS and A2. The department is led by Ms Cheale Director of the Social Sciences Faculty and teacher of politics and history, supported by Mrs Paulus Head of Sociology and teacher of politics. We are an experienced teaching department whose cross-curricular teaching disciplines complement and enhance students’ contextual understanding of key political issues and developments.

The department has consistently expanded in size which reflects our success at both AS and A2, and the interest and enjoyment that our students get from their studies. We are currently situated in the Sixth Form Centre with dedicated teaching rooms to enhance learning. Politics is studied by many students who take Arts and Humanities subjects such as history, geography and english, as well as the three other social sciences, economics, sociology and psychology. Post A level our students have studied a singular or combined politics degree with PPE, International Relations, History, Economics, and Modern Foreign Languages. In addition it is an ideal discipline from which to study Law. We have also had recent success in securing students employment in various Civil Service departments.