The Coopers' Company and Coborn School


The Coopers’ Company and Coborn School is proud of its strong sporting tradition of excellence.

Sport is at the heart of school life providing every student with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams and aspirations in the embodiment of the school’s motto ‘Love as Brethren’.

Extensive and well maintained grounds enable a wide variety of sports to be played with over fifty extra-curricular clubs available to all students. The curriculum provides the students with the opportunity to develop their skills, understanding and interest in a host sporting experiences.

The department boasts nine highly qualified and enthusiastic physical education teachers ably supported by a number of specialist sports coaches. This wealth of experience allows students to have the opportunities to compete at house, district, county, regional, national and even international level.

Our inclusive extra-curricular programme is also an outstanding venue for older students to experience leadership opportunities and we have a legacy of exceptional sports captains who assist the department with the mentoring of younger pupils providing sporting role models.

The department is committed to broadening the sporting horizons of our young people and we enjoy the privileges of taking students on a variety of sporting tours both at home and abroad. These memorable experiences give our students exposure to sport in a new environment as well as a cultural immersion. 

At the heart of our philosophy is the desire to provide each of our students with the opportunity to access high quality physical education in our warm and friendly community. We firmly believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and everyone is encouraged to participate to develop their skills and also to understand the importance of an active healthy lifestyle and the value of working as part of a team.