The Coopers' Company and Coborn School


Our school motto is ‘Love as Brethren’ and in this section you will find information about what we feel makes our school special. We have an established and historic house system; whether you are in ‘Gibson’, ‘Guild’, ‘Ratcliffe’ or ‘Coborn’ life at Coopers is never dull. Our extra-curricular provision is amongst the very best in the country; whether sports, music or drama, there is something for everyone.

08.35-08.55 Registration/Assembly/Tutor Time
09.00-10.00 Period 1
10.00-11.00 Period 2
11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-12.15 Period 3
12.15-13.15 Period 4
13.15-14.15 Lunch
14.15-14.25 Registration
14.25-15.25 Period 5
15.25 Clubs and Activities