The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Home Learning

Home Learning is an important part of a school’s approach to help young people work, think, and learn on their own. Over a five year period regular homework would be equivalent to an extra year of education with consequent benefits.

Parental support is vital in seeing that home learning is done conscientiously and in the best possible conditions. Parents are asked to co-operate by seeing that their child does the home learning carefully and by signing the diary. Home learning timetables are sent home at the beginning of each school year so that parents know what is expected of their child. Every student is given a well-designed school diary at the beginning of each school year to help to plan the home learning.

The purposes of home learning are:

  • To develop the ability to work alone.
  • To be self-motivating and well organised.
  • To develop the skills of researching, organising and presenting appropriate work on a given theme or topic to extend or prepare for classwork.
  • To encourage the habit of reading.
  • To develop the habit of regular work at home so that good routines are established in readiness to study for public examinations.
  • To challenge each individual student with appropriate work.

How much time should be spent on Home Learning?

  • In Year 7 – around 30 minutes per subject each week
  • In Year 8 – around 40 minutes per subject each week
  • In Year 9 – around 50 minutes per subject each week
  • In Year 10/11 – a minimum of 1 hour per subject per week
  • In Year 12/13 - a minimum of 3 hours per subject per week