The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Extra Curricular

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Extra-curricular is at the heart of Coopers' Coborn life. As students progress throughout the school they will have a rich variety of unique opportunities available to them. It is our belief that students who are engaged in activities ‘beyond the classroom’ develop many personal skills including leadership, teamwork, communication and resilience which are essential for success in the modern world.

Life is competitive; one must be prepared to tackle challenges to achieve when the odds are against them. School is a perfect place to learn this important trait. Being a student at Coopers' Coborn allows access to a wealth of competitive opportunities. We regular enter, and have achieved considerable success, in the following events amongst many others:

  • National finals in sport (24 teams qualified in 2014-2015)
  • Achilles Relays at Oxford University
  • Music for Youth national festival
  • The Oxford Union Schools’ Debating competition (national finalists in 2015)
  • Foreign Languages ‘Spelling Bee.’ (National finalist in 2015)
  • Big Bang Science and ‘4x4 in schools’ technology challenge.
  • UKMT Maths Challenge
  • BBC School Report

Our programme flourishes due to the ‘can-do’ culture shared by students, staff and parents alike. We attract families who are willing to commit to the school and support our vision that the school day does not end when lessons finish. Rather it continues through the late afternoon, during some weekends and even before school with the many activities on offer. The relentless dedication of staff, who give so generously of their time, is justly rewarded by the incredible enthusiasm of our students.

The extra-curricular offering at Coopers Coborn is amongst the very best in the country and, in many ways, unique due to our well established links with the Coopers’ Company. Furthermore, we aim to offer a broad experience for all interests enabling students to develop skills, and indeed friendships, making their time at school a truly enjoyable, unforgettable journey.

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