The Coopers' Company and Coborn School

Explaining the Curriculum

The teaching staff are grouped into subject areas led by Heads of Department.

The National Curriculum is taught from Years 7 to 11.

  • In Year 7 all students follow courses in: English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Computer Science, a Modern Foreign Language, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Philosophy for Children, Politics and Physical Education. Students are ‘set’ for Mathematics based on KS2 stages and performance in tests.
  • Year 8 students follow a similar pattern but a second Modern Foreign Language is introduced for all but a small minority.  This stucture is continued into Year 9.
  • Overall,  Key Stage 3 at Coopers' Coborn is referred to as a 'Mastery Curriculum' with staff assessing students according to specific key skills which should be 'mastered' before moving to the next stage.  The aim is for all students to be 'GCSE ready' by the end of Year 9. 
  • In Years 10 and 11 certain subjects remain compulsory and others remain within the choice of the students. Please see the Year 9 Options Booklet on the Year 9 pastoral page for more information
  • The Sixth Form has approximately 460 students, all of whom are studying a full curriculum of A or AS level subjects. In recent years the majority of students have progressed into the Sixth Form and then gone on to further education, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Sixth Form enrichment on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon is an important part of the Sixth Form curriculum.

A full personal, social and health education programme (PSHE) is followed through all years and taught in part via the medium of tutor time and PSHE full day conferences.