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The English Department at Coopers is an energetic and experienced team. We are passionate about our subject, passionate about learning and passionate about success for our students.

We are committed to inspiring our students to develop their reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Our aim is to ensure that every student has the skills to succeed, not only in their school life, but also in the world beyond. The curriculum we offer our students is broad and enriching and we aim to plan lessons that engage, inspire and challenge our students.

English staff


Main Responsbilities

Mr E O'Brien Head of Department, Head of KS5
Mr B Ryan 2nd in Department, Head of KS3 and KS4
Mrs Hobart Teacher of English, Trainee Tutor
Miss A Wood Teacher of English, NQT Tutor
Mrs E Robinson Teacher of English
Miss Smith Teacher of English, Teacher of Drama
Mrs L Handley Teacher of English
Mrs C Wright Teacher of English
Dr D Parry Teacher of English
Mrs S Sertdemirel Teacher of English
Mr T Billinghurst Teacher of English

KS3 Curriculum Information:

KS3 introduces students to a range of challenging texts in order to develop skills closely matched to those they require by the end of the key stage. This is in order to prepare them for KS4, and the challenges of the new exam specifications.

Ks3 documentation:

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IXL for english

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KS4 CuRRICULUM information:

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English Language GCSE AQA

Paper one, Section A:

Students will read one literary fiction text (20th or 21st century) in order to consider how established writers use narrative and descriptive techniques to capture the interest of readers, (critical reading and comprehension).

Students will answer four questions  which will text their understanding of the text and their analysis of language and structure  and will focus on AO1, AO2, AO4:.


Students will write their own creative text, inspired by the topic that they have responded to in section A to demonstrate their narrative and descriptive skills in response to a written prompt, scenario or visual image, (producing clear and coherent text and writing for impact).

Paper 2, Section A

The aim of this paper is to develop student’ insights into how writers have particular viewpoints and perspectives on issues or themes that are important to the way we think and live our lives

•Students will be given two linked sources of a non-fiction text and a literary non-fiction text, they will draw from the 19th century and either the 20th or 21st century to consider how the writer’s perspective or viewpoint will influence the reader.

Students will answer four questions from the two linked texts which will text their understanding of the text and their analysis of language and structure  and will focus on AO1, AO2, AO4

Students will produce 1 extended writing question (24 marks for content and organisation, 16 marks for technical accuracy)

Paper 2 Section B

Writing to present a viewpoint

Students must produce a written task for a specified audience, purpose and form in which they must give their own perspective on a theme that has been introduced in section A of paper, students will be assessed for AO5 and AO6.

English Literature GCSE AQA

Paper 1

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Romeo and Juliet (GCSE 2018) and Macbeth (GCSE 2019)


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Google Drive– the Google drive is run by the department specifically for students which can be accessed through the the subject homepage. There is no need to log in and there is a wealth of resources here, including past exam papers, examples of students’ responses and examples of student’s class work, class resources, revision aids, powerpoints, coursework guidance and lots more.

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