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Drama & Dance

Welcome to Drama and Dance

Welcome to the Drama and Dance Department! We promote all forms of creativity to allow students to thrive in confidence and to support our ‘Love As Brethren’ culture inside and outside of the drama classroom.

We want our students to:

  • Explore different genres, play texts and devising strategies
  • Steer away from the predictable exploration of 'reality' and soap opera and enter a different world of performance through movement, monologues, myths and working from stimuli
  • Be all parties; actors, dancers, spectators, directors, and designers

- KS3 curriculum overview – 

In key stage 3 we work on a “skills” and “create” structure. With each term divided into two, we teach key skills and techniques in the first half term and then ask students to apply these to a whole performance.

Year 7 = Introduction to theatre skills

  • Ancient Greece and the story of ‘Pandora’s Box’
  • Character analysis and ‘Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations’

Year 8 = Exploring genre and style

  • Restoration Comedy
  • Mark Wheeller and ‘Missing Dan Nolan’

Year 9 = Exploring theatre practitioners

  • “An actor prepares” exploring Stanislavski theories about acting
  • Brecht, Frantic, Berkoff techniques

For the final term students will learn to analyse a piece of recorded live theatre exploring design elements (Costume, Lighting and Set design) leading to a final original devised performance piece based on a stimulus.

 Students are assessed on all stages of developing a piece of theatre from the rehearsal process, the final performance and a self-evaluation.

- KS4 curriculum overview -


Year 10

Students will be exploring a variety of skills including character development, devising, genre and styles in the form of theatre practitioners.

Component 1:’Devising Theatre’ is completed at the end of year 10 involving a final performance devised from a stimulus and influenced by a theatre practitioner or a genre. (40%)

Year 11

Students prepare for the written exam by exploring a set text and rehearsing two extracts from a text.

Component 2:’Performing from a Text’ involves students to study two extracts from the same performance text. (20%)

Component 3: ‘Interpreting Theatre’ is the final written examination where students will study a set text from a choice set by the exam board and answer a series of questions based on directing, acting, and design. Students will also write a live theatre review on a production they have seen during the course. (40%)

Set text:

  • ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare

- KS5 curriculum overview

EDUQAS A LEVEL – 2 year course

Students will be exploring a variety of skills including character development, devising, genre and styles in the form of theatre practitioners.

1st Year (Year 12)

Component 1: ‘Theatre Workshop’ students participate in the creation, development and performance of a piece of theatre based on a reinterpretation of an extract from a text. The piece must be influenced by an influential theatre practitioner or recognised theatre company. (20%)

2nd Year (Year 13)

Component 2: ‘Text in Action’ students will develop two pieces to be assessed by a visiting examiner. One will be a devised piece and the other an extract from a text. Each one needs to be performed in the style of a different, contrasting, practitioner. (40%)

Component 3: ‘Text in Performance’ students will explore three plays in the two years in preparation for the final written examination. They will explore directing, acting and design on all three plays.

Set texts:

  • ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ by Mark Haddon, adapted by Simon Stephens
  • ‘Machinal’ by Sophie Treadwell
  • ‘Saved’ by Edward Bond

- Extra-curricular opportunities –

Whole school show:

Every year the drama department put on a production in the theatre which is open to all students from years 8-13. We alternate each year between a musical and a play. This is a popular activity with many students arriving for auditions. Past productions are ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, ‘Rhinoceros’ and Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Year 7 Drama Club

Every Monday lunchtime in Drama Studio 1 year 7 can meet up to engage in a variety of activities including participating in drama games to build confidence and team building skills, to putting on a small scale performance.

Dance Club

Every Thursday lunchtime sixth formers run a dance club in Drama Studio 1 where students of all ages can come and participate in dance. Every year they enter a dance competition. 

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